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Welded Urethane, Thermoplastic Timing Belts

Voss Belting’s welded thermoplastic urethanes can be made to any length and width, and fabricated with welded profiles, V-guides, or surface tolerance grinding to fit any job. These belts may be used open ended or welded endless for all synchronized conveying and linear positioning applications. Thermoplastic solutions and styles include the following:

  • FDA/USDA Constructions
  • Widths ranging from 1/4” wide to 18” “extra wide” available
  • Steel and Aramid cord Reinforcement
  • Endless Welding
  • Longitudinal Welding for Extra Wide Sizes
  • Custom Welded Profiles/Lugs/Cleats
  • Self-Tracking V-Guide or Tracking Channels
  • Vacuum Perforations/Slots
  • Vacuum Channels
  • Nylon Tooth Facing and Backing for Noise Reduction
  • Cover Stock Laminations


Available tooth pitches include the following:

  • XL
  • L
  • H
  • XH
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
  • T20
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • AT20
  • STD5
  • STD8
  • HTD5
  • HTD8
  • HTD14

*(GT and GT2 styles also available)

Applications: Power Transmission, Food Handling, Material Handling, Product Indexing, Synchronous Conveying

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