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Red Silicone Coated Fabric


The Silicone coated Fiberglass fabrics from Voss Belting are great solutions for high temperature applications. While comparable to PTFE in temperature resistance (silicone is rated to resist temperatures up to 550° F, or 288°C), silicone offers greater stability over a wide range of temperatures and includes the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility
  • High temperature rating
  • High release
  • High tensile strength, low stretch
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low Reactivity to chemicals
  • Available in white, red, and grey

High release characteristics combined with high friction make silicone a perfect solution for conveying food ingredients such as raw dough in baking or hot glue in folding/gluing in printing applications.

Fabrications available include:

  • Skived/Overlap Splicing
  • Stainless and Standard Lacing
  • Flap Over /Hidden Lacing
  • Hinge Laps

Applications: Shrink Wrapping, Gluing Applications, Bakery Lines, Raw Ingredient Handling, Heat Tunnels, Curtain Stock

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*PTFE, also known as polytetraflouroethylene, is a synthetic flouropolymer of tetraflouroethylene commonly known for it’s properties of high temperature resistance, slick (low-friction) surface, and high-release capabilities. A common use is as non-stick coatings as seen on cookware.

Further information on PTFE can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polytetrafluoroethylene